Best friend

Books are something special in this life, because they carry inside them between their words and pages some kind of awareness. I’ve read so many books and I’ve seen that in every time that I read a book, I become more aware about life and existence.

Every book is single and it carries something  we need to know it about life and we need to learn from it, we need to read books because their philosophies can help us in our life. Sometimes we can find the answers of our lives between the lignes of one page in a book, if you’ve books in library, I chalenge you to read them all and to make a conclusion in every time you finish reading a book.

Books are our friends, because they tell us the truth and they help us and they give us the key our questions and they raise up our understanding, go now take a book and enjoy reading it.

Like music, art and sport, book is something not less in this life, book is amazing thing, you can call it “MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER” between the pages of the book there’re so many helpful thoughts the only thing it can change your thoughts and emotions is a book, read a book and tell me how you feel after that? Between the lignes there’re a powerful wisdom and you need to decipher these words to get this wisdom.

By Mehdi.

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