Someone peaceful

It’s hard to be someone of peace in this hostile world, the origin of our mental-illness comes from our ego, sometimes we should give another name to our race or creature as egoic-being.

There’s no peace with human, there’s only chaos and conflicts created by us, someone will say but” Nature has in it a highest danger” for me what you call it danger, I call it what makes nature in equilibrium, and we work to destruct it with wars and conflicts.

Wars and conflicts will never be stopped and we’ll live an everyday conflict between us as humans, and we talk about peace by preparing ourselves to war. We can’t just stay peacefully in these life and world. We can’t talk with others with a respect to their opinions but we want that our opinion must dominate the others, it’s like we’ve the truth of all the truth, ego tells us this truth and we believe all what our ego says.

I mean we believe all what our ego judges, all its judgment are the direct cause of all our suffering in the world. We need to be more conscious, we must participate in a higher consciousness practice in everyday may be that help us to make an inner space in our lives.

Peace lies in one moment “The Now” not tomorrow we’ll make it but now, let it be peace among humans.

By Mehdi.


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