The right voice

Trust in yourself and in the life and be kind, and do good. Then you’ll see the change in your life, commit everything you do to the intuition trust it, and it’ll help you. I learn something that intuition never lies. You’ll tell me that you hear so many voices inside you and how can you know the voice of your intuition? It’s not easy to make a distinction between these different voices, it’s so hard and that will make you feel ill. If you identify with your mind what you hear inside you, you aren’t listening to the voice of your intuition, how can you do that? Take a site in a quite room, make an inner space inside you and around you. Stop thinking and observe everything come and go without any resistance and analysis. Just observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions, just observe your memories and your imagination.

The key of spiritual life lie in our observation of the alchemy that happen inside us. We’re alchemist by nature, the spiritual life is an alchemy. Only who use to see what happen inside them, have the true complacency of spirit. Sometimes we listen to our minds and we believe that it’s the right voice. But to know the right voice from the other voices, we should be present. Stay present in your life will take a hard work, through practice we can reach a highest level of consciousness.

Intuition knows so many things, even the things that we can’t see with our physical eyes. The important things in life we can’t see them with our physical eyes, but with the eyes of heart we can see the good things in the suffering and misery. The eye of heart sees the truth, intuition is the source of courage and courage is the highest quality of human, I want to know if do you’ve the courage to do what your intuition wants from you to do? Do you trust it?

By Mehdi





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