love what you do

What is not love ? Do you experience in your life this kind of experience of no love? No one love you, and no one like you. Do you know what’s love? Do you’ve someone to live for? This world of contradiction, when I look to myself in the mirror, I see a mathematical summation of all my contradiction, and sometimes I see that my life is the mathematical product of all my contradictions. From the two mathematical expression I want to make the equation of my life.

The answer of all our question concerning our psychological life, I don’t know if you agree with me in this answer and I believe that everyone has his/her own answer of his/her psychological life my answer is : we should always return to love.

Love yourself, love your life, love your job, love your works, love people who they’re for you. Love your friends, love your family, love your beloved. Keep living for love, that your love endure forever. Love what you do, do it with love with a highest level of love, keep exploring yourself, keep the light of love so bright. Be the light of love, that everyone can see the love that you have, and the love that you can give.

Life wants from us to give love despite the suffering, misery, sorrow, sadness, hurt and pain. With a big YES I’ll give my love despite the struggles, difficulties, anguish and depression. I’ll see YES to life, and I keep living for it.

By Mehdi


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