Life situation

The problem is that not all the people can make a distinction between their life and life situation, my life situation is independent from my aims and life. But I know that there’s one thing annoy human being is ego.

There’re no toxic situation but only life situation can be changed with our attitude to be present and making a distinction between it and our life, there’s only human being with all his/her defaults, errors and qualities.

If there’s so many different voices, we used to call them choices. Then my life is my choice and my choice is my responsibility. I’m free to chose the voice that my intuition believes it’s right and better for me and I trust it.

Now ! The hard things is in the application of your thoughts. Acts are the strongest proof that I believe in myself. It’s not easy any way but I can’t just say I should try but I should believe in myself and choose when voice from different voices, there’re ne right and wrong but different voices inside someone heart.

Choose one voice, the important thing is to take a choice in your life despite it’s good or bad. It’s a proof that you’re responsible of your life.

By Mehdi



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