I love the beauty

I love beauty and I love to see the beauty in everything around me and exist, in nature, human, life and universe. The beauty brings to me positive thoughts, it’s what keeps on me a hope to live, to dream and to be happy in my life.

I observe an important thing when I’ve read some philosophical works, that philosophers and poets are inspired by the beauty of nature, when I take a walk in nature I see the beauty of all what it has on it. The beauty of the flowers, the beauty of the trees, the beauty of the river and the beauty of the animals.

All what I’ve seen in the day light was the beauty of existence under the light of the sun, the greater light.

In the night I see the beauty of the moon and the beauty of the stars, and I ask nature: “please bless me nature, bless me the lesser light, the light of dreams and stillness.” I love this sight of moon and let me dream under your light.

In the day I see the sun and every kind of living run under its light, the greater light, the light of hope and a new beginning. Bless me the greater light, you give me a hope and a new day to live and to see your powerful strength. I’ll give thanks to you “light” you’re the creator of my life.

Just wait and see for a moment  the beauty of nature and I’m certain you’ll admire it.

By    inspiration of life site.


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