Intelligent Life

It’s an observation that I see when I’m reading the work of Erwin Schrodinger What is life? The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell. There’re too many points that take someone attention, but there’s one crucial point about chromosomes, the physicist demonstrates that chromosomes are code-scripts. My idea that I was made from the work is chromosome is the smallest intelligent being that contains the life, and the destiny of the human being, only in a small kind of intelligent substance in us. Not only this point as I said but concerning future, if the chromosome has all ready our future that means that it’s all ready known there’re no past no future only the present moment.

It knows everything and we can produce too many of them, every kind of them is a life, destiny and possibility. All the desire, pleasure, unpleasure of human being is contained in this smallest, smartest and wonderful natural substance. May be it contains the answer of our anthropological existence, the answer with us we need to observe and to understand our own nature.

Inspiration of life site.

Picture from: X doesn’t mark the spot: real shape of chromosomes revealed – The Verge


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