Mitigate Your Worries

The outside happiness that we spend the whole of our life is just an illusion. The real one and the eternal one is the happiness that comes from inside ourselves. Your friends, family, and every kind of happiness related to time, will never endure and what was a kind of pleasure and satisfaction, will become a kind of unpleasure and worries.

Let be honest your worries are the least of your problems. People can learn to live with delusions, but the anger we saw in us, it’s incontrollable we hurt those people around us, and may be we were going to hurt the best of our truly friends. When you feel anger just take a look in the mirror, observe the look in your eyes when you are anger.

Sometimes we’re angry and we’re mad at everything we use to be mad at our member of family, friends, then people and everything. We make excuses, we blame others, but it’s not their fault it’s not them it’s us. It’s inside us we’re angry and mad all the time, and we don’t know why?

Worries are a part of life, don’t be angry. I know that they’re the essence of our anger. But in the end let use them for enlightenment. We don’t need to fight them, nor to run away from them but just observe them and accept them with inner peace in an inner space, we’ll transform them to a light in the darkness.



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