Parallel life

Parallel life is the name that I call it the different books that I’ve read, yes they carry lives and universe. Every book is single in its contents and philosophy. And I observe that every universe is as a book single. This idea comes to my mind when I was writing about books, I remembered a life of an old lady I read it in the book of Albert Camus L’Envers Et L’Endroit, and other works of same philosopher I observed the different kind of life that human beings lead in this existence, and one conclusion we can make from this different stories is ‘ The love to live ‘ under the despair and misery.

Note only Camus that I was read and I read, there’re so many different of authors, but Camus is special one.

Conclusion may be not only a book is a parallel life, we must introduce stories. they’ve power, and we’d seen that when we were children, stories affect imagination, and our own imagination in return become a stories. I observe that in children, go now and read the stories that you had read when you were child.


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