Happy Days

A fringe of rushes — one green line Upon a faded plain; A silver streak of water-shine — Above, tree-watchers twain. It was our resting-place awhile, And still, with backward gaze, We say: “‘Tis many a weary mile — But … Continue reading Happy Days

2016, I’ve Read 63 Books.

I’ve read in this year sixty three books in this year, more than the last year it was thirty one book. I decide to read in this year 90 books. I’ve all the moment of my new year to read books. … Continue reading 2016, I’ve Read 63 Books.

Sorrows Of The Moon

the moon tonight, more indolently dreaming, as on a pillowed bed, a woman seems, caressing with a hand distraught and gleaming, her soft curved bosom, ere she sinks in dreams. against a snowy satin avalanche she lies entranced and drowned … Continue reading Sorrows Of The Moon


It’s not just the first time that I write about it, but you know when you want to make a decision and a voice inside tells you about the imaginary consequences of acting when you take this decision you tell it:”I’M FREE TO DO WHATEVER I WANT”. And we use to say that to all the people that oppose to us when we want to do things that we see and think are good for us. Freedom is the eyes of observation, and it the sword of courage. Valuable among people and in politics is the basic and  fondamental right that … Continue reading Freedom

It’s just our nature

I returned to the words of Blaise Pascal when he said that humans hate to be in their own nature. He was right in that, we want to correct our own nature by morality. We hate to be in our nature because morality forbids us to be, but what we call morality is just an unfairness, injustice that we comet toward our being and the others. Our nature is the best thing that we have and possess. There’s nothing wrong with it unless this attempts to correct it by a moral laws. All the common moral laws are a prejudice and vulgar opinions of … Continue reading It’s just our nature

Let the light Enter

“The dying words of Goethe.” “Light! more light! the shadows deepen, And my life is ebbing low, Throw the windows widely open: Light! more light! before I go. “Softly let the balmy sunshine Play around my dying bed, E’er the … Continue reading Let the light Enter

Love In Twilight

There is darkness behind the light — and the pale light drips Cold on vague shapes and figures, that, half-seen loom Like the carven prows of proud, far-triumphing ships — And the firelight wavers and changes about the room, As … Continue reading Love In Twilight