My Reading to Albert Camus(1).

I’ve read ” Noces suivi de L’Été ” a work of Albert Camus and it inspired me to write this lines. I wish that all of you read this book.

The bright truths that Albert Camus writings can bring to us, they throw their lights as the sea waves that throws itself out of on the beaches to kiss the land. May be it’s the good description of Camus thoughts. I adore this sensual love between the sea and the land, I adore this sensual love between the heaven and earth, I adore this love between life and nature. I can see it through their movements.

What is life? It’s a sensual love between all its substances, between all what exists on it. It’s the highest, fullest and greatest joy that someone can feel, live and give. Life is about enjoying it, loving it, feeling it, appreciating it. It’s about to see love everywhere, because love is free, when you fall in love you free yourself from the bound of your mental limits. Love free you and push to go and share your happiness with the others, the greatest happiness for a man and woman, it’s when they surrender themselves to the sensual love, to join each other in this holly relation to be one, and that what love is. To become one whit our beloved one.

There’s a shadow of truths in all Camus thoughts. There’s one truth that all of us will agree with it “NOW”. As he thought and wrote that the present moment is a magnificent manner and futile. The artist, the poet and the philosopher know how to live in the now, and may be their works are the witness of that.

Not only Camus who talked about the philosophy of everyday life, but I see in his philosophy some warm of the light of the sun, love, freedom, justice and nature that warmed him, it warms anyone who read his works.

He was right when he said that the fullest joy of life should be in the now, the only reality that exists and we miss it all our life.  Not only this truth, but I conclude that truth is a sign, it doesn’t need a huge action from the emotions of people, but it can be just a sign in a letter, word, sentence, number, nature, universe, atom and in anything in any substance. That sign can’t lie only in the biggest things that our ryes can see them but in the smallest one that only the true eyes that can see through them, the eyes of heart.

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