Death is a transformation.

Death isn’t a problem but a destiny, as I read in ” Noces suivi de L’Eté “, a work of Albert Camus. Death isn’t the opposite of life, it’s the opposite of birth, as I read it in ” The Power of The Now “, a book of Eckhart Tolle. Ernest Becker proposed three solutions of the problem of death, the romantic solution, creative solution, and the religious solution. But let observe the three kind of different philosophies :

Death is

Destiny for Camus.

The opposite of birth for Tolle.

A problem for Becker.

The three propositions are true, what is my proof?


1/ Death is our destiny :

No-one can cheat death, all the living will drink from the water of death.

2/ The opposite of birth:

True, after death there’s another life, then life is eternal.

3/ A problem:

True, when your beloved one die you have three solutions to make it eternal and living.

1- Romantic love as he/she your saviour.

2- Creativity by creating something that makes you remembering your beloved, or make something that makes you eternal as the poet, artist, author, …etc.

3- Religious solution is after death we’ll live to ever. The eternal life in the heaven.

But let take death as a transformation from time to eternity, as the usual transformations that we study in physics and mathematics. Death is that point of transformation, and that point is as a loop, we go through that loop to another life, to experience the eternity of living. You can imagine a worm hole that opens itself when death reaps your soul, and you go through it to another life.

The problem was, is and will be always the biggest struggle for human beings that no-one returns from death to tell us about this journey to the eternity.

Eternity stays always a one from too many  biggest mysteries of the existence.






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