We Think because we exist

Thinking is our own creator to all our problems, problem is an illusion, then logical thinking isn’t a problem but an abstract and a concrete are a proof that we exist. Let say that the point that we must understand in this being that there’s  nothing opposite to another thing in nature. All what we call it opposites are in reality a substances in a constant movement.

It’s our thinking who makes our reality, and the responsible for our division of things to opposite each other. The cycle of life that this opposite notions are in movement through it, as we are. Sometimes you find someone who says that he is optimist and he avoid pessimism, but the truth is that person pursues a cycle movement and he meets two point in that cyclic movement. The wonderful thing that we pursue a circular movement but we don’t return to our first point it’s like we make in every moment a jump to another orbit and we pursue the same movement as in the last orbit.

Our movement in life is as the movement of electrons that orbit an atom, we are orbiting an atom we call it life. And we make a jump to another orbit when we take a lesson, we go to the next one. Life is wonderful.

As we know that we are a thinking being, and the source of that state is just our imagination. Observation activates our imagination, and imagination activates our thinking, and our thinking activates our thoughts, emotions, desires, pleasure, and others psychological reflections, and then they activate us to make acts. The remarkable thing that all these activations and reflections in return activate our observation. It’s turn in a circular movement.

Thinking is the proof that we exist, take it simple. When you think too much, don’t try to stop it, but use your observation, and let your life moves in its cyclic movement. No-one can escape his own thinking, but he/she can observe it and find inside it some consolation and he/she can from that point to jump to next level in his/her life, or the other orbit.


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