My Reading To Albert Camus(2)

I love this wonderful description that Albert Camus gives to life, nature and human life and relationship. There’re too many things that Camus sees in nature and he wants from us to see this holiness of nature and life. His philosophy is based on ” Enjoy your life “, may be we can take it as a conclusion from his works, and may be it’s the ultimate aim for human beings to enjoy its life. This joy of life is under three things: nature, being and relationship.

The first thing is nature, he was wondered by nature and his descriptive manner shows you, that he had a deep observation to the substances that nature contains and his surrenders to any sight in it. He uses all what he sees in nature to describe human emotions, thoughts, feeling and acts.

The second notion that Camus talked about was “being”. Being is one of the major problem of humans, and we can’t escape from the discussion about this subject, even toward ourselves or to the society. It’s the difficult thing that someone must live it the whole its life. Being is to be who you are and to enjoy your life and that’s what we call it to be happy.

In this lines, I’ll explain “Being” from six books that I’d read from two authors and the two lived in the same country but they had experienced a different kind of life. The stories of this books in majority turn in Algeria, and they described Algerian people daily life. The two authors discussed being in two different type of society; the first one is Mouloud Mammeri described a traditional society accustomed to pursue a certain and a single way in its life and only that way with a firm obligations to the members of it. The second author described an evolutionist society, where there’re no obligations to the individual to pursue a single way, but everyone is free to enjoy his/her life as he/she wants.

It’s hard for someone to live under an accustomed society, where there’s no individuality and the freedom to choose. Not only that but the way of thinking of those people were influenced by the highest level of superstition, they can’t do anything until they see or receive some signs from God or his holy priests, that they believe they take care about them and they should give them some sacrifices in return.

Individual can’t escape from misery, suffering and challenge in any kind of society, even in a free society but there’s an interesting thing, it’s that whose suffer in a free society can learn from the lessons and create opportunities to make their lives good, people like that know better than anyone how to go to the best in life.

The factor that influence the being in Algeria is history, the Amazighes villagers of the mountains were and are the native people of this land, then they’ve a past than the Europeans colonists, they hadn’t any past in this land, but they make one, from their present. They enjoy their present moment under the sun light, and they stand in front of the misery and life challenges. This sunny land gives hope and joy to the ones whose know the holiness of nature, to whose appreciate its light. The Europeans colonists make a past from their sunny present.

Being for them was a right, and a privilege gift form life and nature. I like this philosophy, man loves the woman of his heart and woman loves the man of her heart and they enjoy that love under the sunlight, in the sunny land.

Being is what need any human to live, to stand in front of struggles, to appreciate the wonder of nature, but in the other side there’re people whose accustomed to pursue a certain way in their lives. A morale way, they conducted themselves with morality, and as Camus said : ” To conducted yourself by morality, it’s devote to unfairness “. There’s no being under a close traditional society, you can’t enjoy your life, the truly joy and happiness don’t exist in Earth, but only in heaven. Tradition is what keeps the dead living. But humans must evolve not staying in a one point.

When some strangers fond joy and happiness in this land and they want to stay and to keep it to them, because they fond happiness under it’s sunlight, and they left when they gone from it some remembrances to remember that they were here in this land. What can I say to the native of this land ? If you call your nation amazigh i-e freeman, or free human and we know that free human enjoys its being, why you are so conditioned and accustomed to pursue a single and one way in life? You put yourselves into a big contradiction.

the third notion is relationship, I finish my lines by this notion. This highest and valuable notion that conducted our sociological life, is the quality of the relationship between the members of the society. There’re too many proofs of the highest virtues of humanity as compassion, love, people help each other and friendship. In some valuable virtues humans can unified with each other.

May be I consecrate my writing to treat being than anything else, why? Because it’s the valuable aim that any human wants to be, and it decides the quality of the relationship. In any relationship when the individuals have the freedom and the liberty to be whose they are, the quality of that relationship will be in a highest level, the individuals when they can love with all the power of their hearts and beings the people around them, their life will transform spectacularly, and the light the light of their heart will enlightened the hearts of those people.

The good thing in relationship that we can share with others our own thoughts, ideas, ideals, emotions, and love. If just we let our people to be as they want to be, everyone is original and relationship is the thing that relates this different originality of people. To let our relationship in a highest level we must do these things :

Fight for your ideas and ideals.

Don’t impose your ideas.

Don’t fight in order to prove that you are right and the other is wrong.

Accept the challenges of life, and move with confidence.

As I’m always repeating that what decides the quality of relationship is to be compassionate with miserable people, I have taken this word from Camus story about this old lady, that inspire me in my daily relationship with older, miserable and poor people, to listen to them to all that call of help with an immense pain unknown that we hinder us in the chest. What rest for any being in any relationship is the one good dignified of love, and may be for that we seek friend, beloved, family and other people.



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