Humans destroy their own and one paradise by their own hand, and they believe by doing so, they’ll be repaid by an eternal life in the heaven of God. There’re no justification to murdering and killing people in any name, There’s no will of God in killing people and murdering them, God doesn’t have any will but humans have one. Misguided souls, they believe they are worshiping God, but it’s just the desire of power and control. I hope that our world change by changing our way of thinking.

@ bittersweet diary

Loud cries of pain, bodies scattered around, the street where people gathered to spread love and celebrate happiness .

Heart hurt to see, dozens of innocent people running away in horor from the nightmare none cloud foresee.

Terror crawling into thier minds as their teary eyes bag for mercy in a game where innocents blood is spilled .

“In the name of beliefs, I’ll shoot you thries, to further my misguided causes you all have to miserably die.”

Hate knows no limits, Terrorism has no relagion, Terrorism is sick, twisted mission to find potential targets once again.

An utter disgust to humanity , whatever happened to mankind and his decency ? who is to blame , and who is not ?

Living with this uncertainty and fear is like living in a wrecked planet with no atmosphere, it’s suffocating .

Will we ever find a way to resist this situation…

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