The Joy of Facing New challenges

The problem of human being was its own point of view, that it sees life from it, and with it. As I said before our own thinking. Me, you, she/he, we, you, they, them, and other pronoun and people think that these things were, are and will be the worst things that annoy us, they’re misery, suffering, sadness, loneliness, solitude, struggles, challenges, and problems.

I repeat that we think that joy is only when when we’re happy, and when we are smiling and laughing. When we’re grateful for life and what it gives us as gifts and love. But that can’t endure forever, just only some few moments and all things move to other side.

As I said before, life is the sum of all its parts. And as we know that the only thing that we can do is to accept it as it is. Don’t protest against life, it moves in a cyclical movement and it pursues what it was created for, nothing else.

From my own experience in life, I observed that my beautiful, joyful and happiest moments were inside my pain, sorrow, misery and suffering. When challenge comes in our life, let take it as a moment for rest, let enjoy and be happy for the privilege that life gives us another day to see how it is worthy and wonderful. This challenge comes to turn our own eyes to our life, to love the way that we pursue and to love our life to be thankful, and the important thing is to let it be.

By Inspiration of Every Day Life Site.

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