Eyes of Love

Happiness is in your look at every moment you can choose the eyes of love to see the world even when life is hard. Give and receive. Life, love and the tenderness here is the origine of human nature, love … Continue reading Eyes of Love

Live resolves your questions

For three things  we spend our life in a constant search for them, they are just what we always say they keep us alive, the happiness to live, the will to live and the love to live. Between happiness, will and love our thoughts turn in that circle in every time we want to know what is the best of us, by running from any thing that annoy us. Happiness is a matter to live without any division to life, because it’s everywhere and takes the same way that life wants from us to take, life knows better than us where our happiness … Continue reading Live resolves your questions

Reach the stars

We want to reach the stars but that is impossible because they are far away from us a billion of light years, It’s seemed impossible to reach them. A wonderful story that I’d read its title is : the little prince a work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry the little prince lives in the asteroid B612, what I love in the little prince that he takes life simple and without any complications, he wants a ship a flower a simple thinks he understands  better than the adults the meaning of life in the simplicity of life itself, it takes life as it … Continue reading Reach the stars

Five Political Ideologies

Our world had seen too many political ideologies, some of them had disappear and other ones still until our days as  LIBERALISM and INDIVIDUALISM, I’m liberal and Individualist, I don’t see a great difference between the two. I’ll argue for the two political ideologies, because I see in them a greatest respect for human life and will, liberalism is the respect for human being and individualism is that each individual pursues his/her will freely without any harm from anyone or anything. The two work because they concentrate their political views in the laws that rule the political power and legislation, not like … Continue reading Five Political Ideologies

Separation (Politics and Religion)

Religiosity is a sort of hypocrisy, and people are attached to religion because they can’t find an answer to their question, they can’t take a lesson from their struggles for that they run to religion. In respect all the believers but I’ve the right to write and talk about whatever I observe in my life that is wrong or right, for me the important thing is to make some of our thinking clear and understandable. I find that is the biggest worst thing thing that people do when they ignore all the corruption that our governors make all the days and we take guard against some … Continue reading Separation (Politics and Religion)

Create Love

If someone reject my love, then I have love and I’ll give it as the sun gives us its light. If there’s no love, I don’t find it then I create it. Love is creation, if you are strong create … Continue reading Create Love