Healing and Cosmos

Healing that what we need in our life, but we don’t let this process continu its steps because we are so hurt and injured by someone or something in our life. I want to write about a story in this subject that I read it in this morning in ” OrionBrightStar ” the story is about a student that he wants to learn from a Wiseman what is the cosmos? The student failed in the end to understand what is the cosmos.

When I go in this morning in the street I want to see this cosmos that the Wiseman was talking about, I didn’t seen anything. But when I reread the story again I understand what the Wiseman was talking about, he wanted to teach the student how we heal our injures and the injures of the others. Everyone needs our help to heal its injuries. Even the animals, the trees and other creatures that we live with us.

The Wiseman understands that he can’t devote himself to heal all the creatures in his life, for that may be he created the bandana that heals everyone was hurt and injured. But when he helped someone, he was hurt by this people or animals. The student didn’t understand and in every time he suggested other things that weren’t related to the cosmos.

I still in this moment ignorant about what is the cosmos? May be from the story I understand that the cosmos is related with healing, they are in the same space. They are one the cosmos will be real when we heal ourselves from  the injuries and we help the others in doing so by giving them bandana that can heal them from any injuries even death.

To all those who want to read this story: http://orionbrightstar.wordpress.com/



4 thoughts on “Healing and Cosmos

  1. Something’s for you to ponder further as you allow that which is layered beneath and above to resonate within your knowing. The student claimed to seek enlightenment but in reality really hadn’t awakened for his heart and third eye were still closed. As such; did he really accompany the wiseman into town or was he still fast asleep in his bed and his state of illusion? Was the bandanna real or was it simply a tool used by the wiseman to symbolise the veil of illusion? Was the wiseman really hurt by anyone or anything?

    In terms of you inner enquiries around healing and the cosmos. There are many who claim to be healers, who simply don’t understand the universal laws of healing, for they have not yet begun to heal themselves. Whereas those who have sort out the cosmos within and worked through the painful process of dissolution, fermentation, putrefaction, coagulation, consolidation, petrification and separation in pursuit of the philosophers stone. Have come to know and experienced all the pains and all the love that it is cosmically possible to endure and that’s how and why they effortlessly heal in and on many levels.

    NB I’ve like your post not because you’ve included a link to my post but because I applaud your authenticity and search for greater understandings, therein; be well, regards and Namaste

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