We’ve a greatest desire to photographe and paint every beautiful sight, landscape and creature that we saw in it what we’ve missed in our life. Our love to paint nature and people that we want to describe our emotions and feelings in a table that we let our imagination plays with our hand and feeling. Photo that we take to memorize our happy moment with our lover, friends, camarades, and family. Photos are memories of what we take in every moment the happiest ones and the sad ones. Paint is what our memories draws in our imagination about life.

All of that exist in us, photo, paint, and memory. What can I say now? PANIT WHAT YOUR MEMORIES HAVE TAKE IT AS PHOTO. Painting those beautiful landscapes, stars, moments, people, everything that take our eyes, feeling, and observation. What make our painting so beautiful? It’s just what we observe and photograph in every second.

Paint your world now, why are you waiting for? Take your tools and start now, check the photos that you stock in your memories. Start now, paint because you have an artist inside, do it now and show me that artist, we are artists paint your life as you see it.


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