In The Morning

In this morning, the light of the sun knocked in my window, I wake up and go to see who is there. When I open it I was surprised that I see in front of me a light. I tell it:

-Who are you?

-And it said: Wake up it’s a new day.

-What is the matter it’s as the others days?

-And it said: No isn’t true.


-Because there’re a lot of surprise and a wonderful adventure, if only you open your heart.

-I open my heart.

-Yes, open it and all the light of my mother will enter you.

-I’ll try to do that.

-No, do it try means that you’ll never do it.

-I do that, you’ve my promesse.

-I keep watch in you all the day and I’ll come tomorrow to knock in you window.

-I’ll be waiting for you, thank you light.

-You welcome every day.



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