Experiencing Life

About life there’s a good point that I understand it. Why not be content with simply to experiencing it? Our mind will expand if we surrender to all what life puts us on it, through all what we experience there’re a something that we’ll know about ourselves, the outer makes us see the inner, and the inner makes us see the outer.

Do you see that in your life? For sure is yes, you see it but there’s something stands between you and it, it’s just only your resistance and non acceptance of your life. You know I see something beautiful in your life. I tell you but you must believe in me. We live in the illusion that we’ve made from our own understanding, from our reality and from our imagination. We are in a constant movement and as the universe expands and infinite our mind will be if we just we are connected with it.

The universe represents the infinite desire of human beings to live, to love and to be happy. it represents the non boundaries of our curiosities to understand, to search, to increase our perceptions, and knowledge. We are the children of the universe, our fulfilment is in our observation and thinking that the universe has infinite stars, planets, and galaxies. Do you observe that? Do you think about that? See now this infinite creation. Experiencing life through surrender yourself to nature, beauty and love. Life is a desire, fulfilment and reason, and we need to experience every one of them this is life, this is the beauty of life, enjoy every time that you fall in love, enjoy when you have sex with your partner, enjoy your life with your family. Life is about enjoy what you have, what you desire and what make you feel fulfil by the ecstasy of the now.

We’ve that need to love someone, to have sex with someone that we love or just we’ve seen him/her the first time, we want to make a family. All this are just life ecstasies the ecstasy of love, the romantic love and the eternal happiness with our beloved one. The ecstasy of sex, the erotic fulfilment to join our desires, hearts and bodies. To build a single being, to be one. The ecstasy of familial fulfilment comes from our desire to be loved, to be happy to live and to respond to the call of life and creation.

Finally as human being we want to be happy, and our happiness comes from our curiosity, desire and fulfilment.



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