For all the days

For all the ends of my days, I say tomorrow will be better than what I just pass and live in this day. I’d a hope in every night, I ask life to make my next day wonderful and happy. I ask the moon to tell the sun to make tomorrow better than what I lived in this day. But non life neither the moon had respond to my hope and wishes. Why?
Despair is the greatest pain and what tortured me as I was thinking. I used to say that someday all that despair and misery will disappear just once the light wins against them and brings to me all what I want to have, but nothing of that happens.
The truth that someday will admit that we’ve spent our life believing that tomorrow will be better than today. The problem in our thinking isn’t that we are afraid from misery, and we live in a despair world, but in hoping that tomorrow is better than our present moment. Be real and stop thinking like that, just live your life. This is my message.

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