There’s no God

We dislike to hear the truth but we always pretend that we fight on the sake of the truth. We fight against the truth, and we take up a sword that we oblige the others to fight in the sake of it, we force them to believe that our truth is justice and on it there’s our salvation.

What is wrong with our justice? I ask. I ask you what is wrong with our morality that we pretend to safe us from our desire and pleasure. Morality is unfairness because it abolishes our own nature. Why we hate to be in our nature? Why we don’t live in harmony with it. Why we want to correct it by morality and customs? What is wrong with religions and their Gods that hated from several ages the human nature.

What is God? An imaginary idea of higher power that ruled the universe and created it. Nothing was proved about that but there’re people who believe in this illusion that we call it God. There’s no God and life doesn’t have any creator, life moves to infinity, and nothing can stop it, there’s no begging and no end. There’s life for eternity and death is a simple transformation to another life, believing in death not means that I believe in God. Death is an option.

What is faith? The easy way to corrupt people, because they are ignorant about things they don’t know what they are, they can’t predict with  a rational mind with science, philosophy and others faculties of mind, thinking and observations. Faith is a noble principle if who has it watch his/her faith not letting their survival personality guides it. Faith doesn’t nourish in us confidence and trust, but also our ego. Faith must be watched by the individual who confesses it, rather than projecting their eyes to the faith of the others.

I saw that when I pray I talk to my self not to God, there’s any relation between me and God, I observe myself not God, nothing miraculous happens but just I observe myself, and I talk to myself. I started to believe in life and human nature, things that I live with it, and they truly exist not an illusion that we’d been educated to believe in and to keep a blind, firm and strong faith on it. Human nature can’t be corrected, and I see the evidences and proves of my theory in everyday of my life. Faith isn’t the thing that unified people, every individual is free and has his/her own thinking, life and observations.

The most important thing that I want to abolish is this kind of preservation of custom, I know that custom is our history but sometimes bars the evolution of human mind, custom must be corrected, I see that every theory try to correct human nature, that theory was corrected. Nothing can stop us from living, loving and being free, even the Gods of the ancestors. I don’t hate my ancestors but I have my own thinking and I live my life freely without running to God or any higher super-powerful creator.

In my country I see people that run to God because their country was corrupted by humans as them. Rather than making a change they ask God, and they believe that the life that God promesse them  is better than this one. That isn’t true, we own this life and what comes after death we don’t know it, for that I want to live my life, and the life that God promesse us of it, he must keep it for him. I don’t need it God, do you hear me?

I forget that there’s no God to hear my voice. Just I learnt to accept my life as it is, to create opportunities and to live in the present moment, it’s hard to live in the now, but I focus my observation inside me rather than outside me to see the being that I’ve. The truth that I start to see in every sun light that human will win in the end, after the suffering and the misery that we live, we win life, love, liberty  and happiness. Human being is the center of the story of this universe, we were created to understand who create us, the universe.


One thought on “There’s no God

  1. Interesting stand on this topic, I have fought with this also is there a “God”. I think that you have some great points that you are making, also the fact that people use God and Faith to explain what cannot be explained, and even the point of what happens after death….I could go on forever about the different theories I have about what happens after death and that’s for another time. But in general I think God is a way that people describe the universe and it helps some people cope with life right now, some are afraid, others want reassurance, others truly believe in the God, I think that it is fine, because at the end of the day nobody knows until the day we die. But the theories are what makes us humans because that’s all we are in this lifetime is a human on this spiritual journey to the next part of eternity. Great post

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