Go Forward

The most important virtue that all of us has that simple smile shows our desire for happiness, we can be happy because we imagine things, we imagine then we are free. Freedom is higher, happiness is important, let celebrate this day, let it be special day for us, there’r still a lot of days in this new year, for us.
There’s a big difference between trust yourself and having faith, I accept that I trust myself, because it’s a crucial phase in my life. But having faith in an illusion that I haven’t any evidence that exists for me and my own thinking, understanding and observation is so dangerous. I use my observation to think, understanding and believe, that the sake of human mind is to understand the path of life.
Faith isn’t good or bad, but it needs to be watched, happiness is more important than faith, because we don’t need faith but we need to be happy with what we’ve, to accept what we’ve, this life is too important than death. Faith is a suicide idea, bur happiness is a creative idea, with our curiosity we can create a happy life, go forward, fear is an illusion go go go!

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