The Super-Human

“I take Super-Human from the philosophical idea of Friedrich Nietzsche Superman”

I have change my mind over faith, why? Because I observed that having faith in an illusion is so dangerous, it separates us from our reality and keeps us in a world not of imagination, but illusion. When we inherit faith from our ancestors, it’s like we enslave ourselves to their thinking. We don’t use our mind, but we have faith, that the wisdom of the ancestors is wholly and worthy than our life, because they had experienced so many situation, but if we use our rational thinking, these situation will pass in our lives, but their treatment will not be the same.

The ancestors had a great history, and it’s good for us to preserve their history, from it we know who we are, but the problem was in their way of understanding and thinking, the right thinking true confidence must be in ourselves, why? Self is real and exist, God is an illusion and doesn’t exist, for that there was a problem in our custom, I know that even our ancestors talked about trust yourself, but I want to divert the human eyes and imagination from illusion to the true and blind confidence as I think, it’s real and work.

The illusion that has a super-powerful creator of the whole damn universes, that we keep our imagination on it, sometimes detach us from our reality and true existence, then in the other side of reality and imagination, there’s ourselves true, real and exist for eternity. The soul exists for eternal life, why we waist it in keeping faith in an illusion? Because we don’t accept our life, we want change, but change needs patiente and we aren’t patiente, for that we call this illusion to change the work of life for us.

The super-humans are the ones who believe in the power of their own will, with the use of their imagination, they push themselves forward. Observing everything around them, they know that the universe is  an constant movement, they observe that the true wisdom of life is in its own movement, they ask why life work in that way? Why didn’t work in the other way? And they transform philosophical question to scientific one, and they transform the movement of life to a simple equation, studied here and there.

The super-humans have observance, when they want to give an argument to their theories of movement, they take the human body and the electric charge to explain that, why? Because if the blood stops from moving inside our body, the heart stops  and everything so and we’ll be died. If the electrical charges don’t move in the circuit we’ll not have a curent them electricity to start our daily usage machine. If the small particules stop from the movement, then all the universe dies. Movement is the important thing in our life, if you want change then move, do and go.

The super-humans accept their life and don’t ask any change from any illusion, super-human isn’t different from human, it just be in the complet human nature, super-humans live with human nature in a harmonic and peaceful life. They reject the morality because, it’s a slave morality. they risk without being afraid from any fear, they live dangerously because they know that danger is what proof our attitude to live.

The super-human has passion, desire, envy, and pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with them, because they are integrated in our nature. the super-human accept the eternal will, the will to live is accompanied with suffering, misery and sorrow, the super-human don’t leave the duty, but stands in front of this challenges of life, he/she know that they are a psychological challenges,  and they are a consequence of our will, the wise dealing with them is to live with accordance to be adapted to them, know them from the inside to see the light of life that comes from the inside to shine everywhere in the outside.

Super-human is the same and equal to human, but they prefer to live in his/her own nature.


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