Life is one

A replay to Life is pain by Cristain Mihai in

“Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” — William Goldman
I don’t agree with him, life should be lived as it is, not dividing it into worse and best, no there’s just life. I like this post, truly that happened to all of us, even me. There were a good people, they are my companion  and there were the nasties they are from the past. I learn one thing from all of this stories of my life, don’t divide life accept it as it and move with it. Life is the sum of all its parts.

Life is one a unique substance indivisible. The challenges of our psychological life have one aim to show us this uniqueness of life, but we misunderstood them and we start dividing life in two opposite things, positive and negative.

Life is one, not fair or unfair. The problem is only in our thinking, that we don’t observe deeply things their signs what they want from us to do and to be? Why is the daily question, and is the daily answer to all our question. We can’t stop asking because that what keep us alive, living, happy, free and loving.

It’s hard to see life as one and unique entity, why? the answer is that we live between two worlds: the world that we imagine and the world of reality. We where in a big problem when our imagination confronts to our reality, a big disaster happens inside us and the reparation of the damage will take several years. Imagination and reality are one and they exist in the same space, in our being.


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