New day, person, thing, idea, thought, feeling, emotion, and life. It’s the call of every new morning. The best of all the news that come is when we meet a new persons in our life. When that happens we evolve a new ideas, feelings and thoughts, maybe our own understanding changes to the better and then our life so.

We say yes to the new, and we let the past to be a memory, in our Library that we keep consulting it in every moment that the new brings something unusual in our life. The new can’t be accepted from the first time, but it needs to be usual in our daily life.

What is the new? An unusual thing happens in our present moment, it takes days to be usual.

Embrace the new, because it has another definition is ” A sign from life” When life wants to show us its magic, it brings to us a new things to see the important thing that what we aren’t paying attention to it.


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