Under our Thoughts

We use to divide life into two opposite notions, that we understand life from them. The positive and the negative are our made, we try to be positive and reject everything negative and we think that having an optimistic point of view toward life is the best way to live and to be happy.

The truth is that our thoughts move through a cyclical motion. We live under three types of living:

1- Under Imagination

2- Under Illusion

3-Under Reality

Our life is always between them, and to correct to you just one thing that reality as imagination as the illusion exists in the now. We experience these types of living in every moment of our life we can’t escape their influence in our psychological life. The most important thing that we observe in these types of living that all the three participate directly and in one entity in the process of creation, we create our life with them, we build everything with them.

That’s the truth that we must admit rather than dividing life and seeking a wrong way of understanding. That what I learnt in my life, and I use it to create I make this jump from learning to creating. By the usage of those kind of living. Time and eternity aren’t the same but life englobes the two, sometimes when we want to separate our souls from time, we create an illusion we call it God. This illusion isn’t powerful because as human we must turn around the others and when we refuse that, this illusion makes us its own slaves. Let it be, let yourself go with the wind of life, pursue your destiny and life in the end shows what is the best in you that you never see.

Thought was the creator of everything in our life, even Gods. If we don’t think, then Gods can’t be exist. Maybe it’s possible or impossible but it’s a truth, this truth is linked to us. As a thinking species. I’m not wrong in that what makes God real, logically human thinking.

As our thoughts can create everything, and we see that clearly in our world. This world is the creation of our thoughts. Then what I was writing about the three types of living is true. I take Gods as an example of an illusion that becomes real through the ages, and because is the major problem of a lot of societies that Gods become a fearsome tyrants.

Thoughts are the way of thinking, observing and seeing, life and everything in it. They are the way of feeling, desiring and pleasure what affect us when our senses interact with the outer world. The power that they have can make the impossible to be possible, everything can be possible when human mind stats thinking in something.

Then we can understand that thoughts is a possibility to something to be done, exist and be. From those three I take be because is related to us the being that we want to be who we are. Being isn’t impossible just derive the rudder of your thoughts ship to what increase your creative power, thinking is the power of creating a new things, create what is impossible it’s the greatest achievement of your life.



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