Evolution of Mind

I hear sometimes from people that they need to make a revolution to change things, but in reality they make a destruction to their being and nature. We must learn from nature the best thing that we need in reality, the evolution, birds and others species were evolved through billions years to be in this form, and maybe will find others ones. Life is in constant evolution, we must learn and create our own, this is why we exist for.

Think just one time about the process of evolution that the universe taken from its beginning until our time, after being in this image our universe was hot and everything went rapidly, it’s take 14 billion years to make this universe liable to contain such species and life.

Human being denied the theory of evolution because our ancestors aren’t apes. Maybe it’s true, that our species is unique and single. But the first human wasn’t as we are now, the true evolution was the evolution of mind. But this evolution was slowly and stopped because several struggles and dark ages custom and destruction of several civilization made this process in a slow movement, but from the 19th century everything changed and the process of evolution became faster than it was.

I want very talk about all the ages of this evolution, but my writing will take a brief passage from the different ages, the ancient ages generally are the best ages that inspire us in our days, but we know less about them, the evolution of mind was a highest aim for all the civilization, and there were a challenge between the different civilizations in this attempt because who makes a best evolution will dominate the others as we see in our own age.

Dark ages was for Europeans nations, but other nation had made a great achievement in the evolution of mind, as the Persian and the Andalous and other nations rather than the Europeans were in deep dark ignorance and rejection for any kind of evolutionary mind.

But everything would be changed for the Europeans, with the coming of enlightened poets, writers, philosophers and artists. The age of Renaissance was the change because those enlightened mind with their creativity change the way of thinking of all the world, their influence went everywhere, the evolution of mind became a revolution that changed the way of history, but the enlightened minds were those who changed the way of history by their thoughts.

The 18th, 19th centuries were a new ages, evolution became so fastest and we saw a remarkable change in the conscience of human beings, They interested more about science, literature, philosophy, art, poem, novel, discoveries, inventions and everything creative, the age of creativity was in the 17th century it was slow until the 19th century all the nations were in a running Olympic game, it’s the creation of engineering creativity until our days engineer is someone who creates and evolves a new invention to simplify the hardest thing for human beings.

The 20th century was a the one hundred years transformation, the atoms, particles and photons I can resume this century in one single theory, the quantum century that open the doors for the quantum age, is for me the best name for our age the quantum age. Quantum theory had opened the doors for a lot of discoveries, in electricity, thermodynamics, mechanics, astrophysics, and a lot of disciplines. A new inventions that made our life easy, and we can travel everywhere. The one of them was the internet, this century had open the door of the evolution of the highest consciousness of human beings, we can say that technology helped us to understand more clearly and deeply our universe and life.

The 21 century will be a new beginning of our generation to discover a new things in our being, universe and life. Our challenge is to keep this constant and rapid evolution of mind and free other people around the world, it’s a new step in our collective conscience. We must do the better that we can do, to create what we want to be.

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