Create Love

If someone reject my love, then I have love and I’ll give it as the sun gives us its light. If there’s no love, I don’t find it then I create it. Love is creation, if you are strong create it rather than asking for it.

Love needs a simple smile, and act from the little beautiful things of life. The light of the sun warms nature and the light of love warms our hearts. The beautiful moment is when you are with your beloved one under the light of the moon smiling, hugging and kissing.

What is  love? A simple smile to someone that you don’t know, an act of kindness toward people needing your help, love is to be compassionate, to respecte, to be free, to be who you are, to do what works for you, and to fall in love without any regrets if you fail.

You want it, then create it. Now not in any nest time, now you know that your life depend on it, then do it.

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