Five Political Ideologies

Our world had seen too many political ideologies, some of them had disappear and other ones still until our days as  LIBERALISM and INDIVIDUALISM, I’m liberal and Individualist, I don’t see a great difference between the two. I’ll argue for the two political ideologies, because I see in them a greatest respect for human life and will, liberalism is the respect for human being and individualism is that each individual pursues his/her will freely without any harm from anyone or anything.

The two work because they concentrate their political views in the laws that rule the political power and legislation, not like the other ideologies that their aim is to control people.

Communism and socialism in one definition all the means of production and the natural resources of the country in the hands of people. Abolish all kinds of individuality and put all the power in the public ownership and common control, individual live in common cooperation between them. The power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of society. But corruption was the biggest disease of those two ideologies, it wins against even the laws because all the establishment of the state  practice corruption, there any industrial evolution or development but all the factories fall and people are jobless or they lost their job. To put the power in a single hand, a one political party and so on will be the easy way to corrupt all the country, as we’d seen in the Soviet Union and other less  evolved   country.

Conservatism is political ideology based on tradition institution and religious beliefs rather than an ethical way of thinking. Conservatistes think that the good of society lies in its return  for the historically inherited values of tradition institutions and practices rather than the abstract and ideal. As we see in some conservatistes countries as Iran and Saudi Arabia this political ideology nourishes religious conflicts as we see in the different Islamic ideologies, that turn some country to a swamp of blood. Human life doesn’t count to this ideology, but only to conserve some dead and deadly ideas of ancestors, religious ideologies are a mental disease, that lead people to believe that truly happiness exists when they join God. People live in a deep delusion as we call it God delusion. What is God delusion? Briefly is a destruction of life, nature and whatever exist, in the name of God. It’s hard to convince  fundamentalists to the idea of free will because the idea of joining God was engraved in their head with the ideological religion as that happened in Algeria in the nineteen ninety  the population was galvanized to establish an Islamic State in Algeria and all things went to the worst when fundamentalists started by killing people because they suspected the beliefs of the population, two hundred thousand Algerians were being killed in the name of God and Islam. The origin of this massacre came from the conservative way that the Algerians lived through the ages, finally it was transformed to a fearsome political religious ideology,  their aim was to have a good  life in their country was transformed to an aim to death, kill and die in the name of God. The Algerian I take them as an example of population that refuses until this day any opening toward civilization. Religious ideology can take any ignorante nation as an hostage, there was with the Algerians, they contribute to the destruction of their home land by their own hands. Conservatism is a self destruction to human mind, because we think then we evolve, human thinking evolve and change, if stop it we fall in ignorance as too many nations in our world suffer from ignorance, and it a fearsome enemy we see that ignorance create corruption and it creates death and destruction.

Fasciste ideology as in north Coria, cuba and other countries, it’s the tyrannical way to control people. As there were in Soviet Union, Nazie in Germany and Fasciste in Italy. As we they always declare the Fascistes sad: All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. the ambition to have power, to get to the power, to exerce the power, to make all the country under your shoes is the aim of fascistes, as too many country had suffered from those insane people who claim president for life and king, fascism is a culte of personality and a destruction of any nation. There’s no truth under the control of one, all the fascist power fall and the end of any fascist  was terrible. Tyranny can’t endure and people will see the sunlight of freedom every day, I challenge any tyrant to dare the light of sun, the light of freedom and truth, the individual wins in the end, and a new government comes to organize people life.  Religious ideology is a fascist thinking, to eradicate who don’t share with you and don’t believe in what you believe.

Finally Liberalism the best of the best and the better political ideology, each one is recognized in the society, in the state and under the laws, what makes it so perfect? Surely laws,  all the rights the duties of people exist in the laws. Because laws come from intelligente people who take care to establish a political system to underwrite to all the citizen to be recognized firstly as human being have a free will, to enjoy their life in this earth, to make it a better place for any citizen.  The problem of human is in one thing : In what they believe. All the precedent government come from this notion, liberalism is that each enjoy his/her own belief with respect toward the beliefs of the others.



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