Live resolves your questions

For three things  we spend our life in a constant search for them, they are just what we always say they keep us alive, the happiness to live, the will to live and the love to live. Between happiness, will and love our thoughts turn in that circle in every time we want to know what is the best of us, by running from any thing that annoy us. Happiness is a matter to live without any division to life, because it’s everywhere and takes the same way that life wants from us to take, life knows better than us where our happiness resides?

The second most important thing is the will to live. To have the will to achieve your aims lead you to a conflict between your will and your imagination. All of us know that imagination wins all the conflicts, then our will will be rejected simply. But our will can win if we turn our imagination to serve it as its weapon. We need to understand something that happens inside us. Our will come from our desire and reason to live, to be happy and to fall in love. This will is the voice inside us that calls us to enjoy life, to appreciate it.

Then The love to live, as Albert Camus described it in his philosophical works. Human have a great desire for love, fall in love is the greatest and highest fulfilment that anyone can experience it in life. The romantic love the unification of two souls is the proof that life is totally complete. Love can englobe the two other kind of life, happiness and will. In love our will can reach a highest level nothing can stop it than our happiness so.

Finally live resolves all your questions, nothing can stop life then nothing can stop me from dreaming, living, loving, and being free. Nothing can stop our will that runs with life from falling in love making a kiss with our beloved one, because we respond the call of life to wake up in the morning and living this new day to be happy to take another journey to see the beauty of life.

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