You can spend your life looking at how the lives of others are extraordinary. But does not happiness begin when we realize that our dreams are waiting for us? What little step could we make today and now to get … Continue reading Aspiration

On Faith

A question that came to my mind one day when I read a thought I wrote it in a paper “keep the faith”, the question is: Should I keep the faith or question my faith? We’d read, educated, heard and accustomed to keep the faith believing by doing so we can achieve greatest things. Faith is the light that comes from our soul to help us to surmount the difficulties of life, faith is something highly related to tomorrow, not now. But there’re some people who said that it’s related to the now. Faith can transform our life, but it’s always … Continue reading On Faith


Knowing the self, be your best friend the companion of your life love you trust yourself. On the road to inner happiness, share the most beautiful moments of your life. Self-interest and to be selfish isn’t a bad thing, to think for yourself is to explore the creator that exist inside you, you are a creator of the world. Our world is our creation, we are seekers to understand the mysteries to explore our lives, universe and what life dares. Think for yourself, for your being, you are a creator, you are an artist. Augment your perception truly what we create creates us in return. … Continue reading Self


To be oneself is not to be content with what I am, but to try to become. Every day is a gift. In what way you live it, to you to choose to feel living at every moment, it is … Continue reading Oneself


To safeguard my uniqueness in the world, I need to deepen my singularity. What is singularity? In a short definition it is the originality of our being, our ideas, our thoughts, our passions, our desires, and our life. What is original in us? What makes us different? These are singularity, each one is a singularity it has another definition is opening the doors of new possibilities to enter our space of probability, to push us forward to augment our creativity to enlarge our understanding to evolve our conception. What you seek in life, makes you unique, an original version of yourself. … Continue reading Singularity

I wonder to know

The basic questions of human beings, you probably ask yourself too many questions but there’re two basic questions: What is life? Who I am? What is life? Its form, what constitute life? Where did life come from? The origin of life and the substance who constitute life as particles, atoms and others. Is life eternal? Is it limited by time as we are? What is eternity? What is time? What is love? What is happiness? What is freedom? What is soul? What is conscience? Who I am? Where did I come from? Why I’m alive? What is the meaning of life? … Continue reading I wonder to know

The Fable of the Bees

A Spacious Hive well stockt with Bees, That liv’d in Luxury and Ease…. They were not Slaves to Tyranny, Nor rul’d by wild Democracy; But Kings, that could not wrong, because Their Power was circumscrib’d by Laws. – Bernard Mandeville … Continue reading The Fable of the Bees

Equality and Toleration.

Human rights are a matter of justice, defending them is an obligation to everyone, to challenge the authorities of those states who don’t respect their citizens, by violating their rights. Human rights have a greatest moral weight. Our world is divided by the multiculturalism of its societies, but those societies aren’t equal there’re some societies who suffer from authoritarian tyrannical policies of their rulers, or they suffer from their traditions and customs,  that put them in a deep ignorance. The inequality between humans is a reality that we can’t escape, there’re too many of inequalities, let talk about the negative inequalities as education, … Continue reading Equality and Toleration.

I Learn From Life: To Be Responsible.

We always betray our principles and plans because of fear, one day we’ll release that not the others who control us, but our fears. If you win against your fears you can live the life that you want, but you can’t find the meaning of your life if you don’t experience fear, despair and misery. One thing you must be aware of it when you make a choice, for everything good that you want in your life in the other side of the balance of life there’s another thing bad stands, as in quantum physics particles and anti-particles. What is … Continue reading I Learn From Life: To Be Responsible.