The Light of Reason : Reading Books

Reading books from my own experience is the best way to project the light of reason towards the obscure side of your life. I know that it still for us a lot of things that we don’t even know and will not even understand in our life but books have the answers, they’re the light of reason.

In a brief explanation, to my subject I want to derive your intention to what is worthy in books? The intellectual conscience that dares between the lines of the pages, can you see it? Can you understand what those lines mean? Can you understand what those lines want? Let those books take your imagination to other worlds, lives and higher level of consciousness. See those books as the sunlight of your thoughts, let it shines in your mind as the sun of nature shines in every day.

This is the light of reason, we’ll never forget a book that we’d read one day, we’ll return to it to learn what we’d missed or what we want to remember because life puts us in a situation that we’d read in a book, maybe we live a similar life to a story in a book. The revere of knowledge that we drink from it when we need to understand life, we want to know what is the meaning of life? May the answer was residing inside us and our lives will be a stories to tell to the next lives that come after us. Life is an eternal book of stories, a light that shines for eternity.

By Inspiration of life site.

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