The Universal Language

Smile is a universal language that all the world understand. It suffices sometimes a smile to change the world. We need an attention, a look, a smile hand on the shoulder that our day will be full of smile that will be better for our soul.

We can do miracles in every instant, in every smile and every look. Every time that you breath happiness can invade you. Every day is a gift. By which manner you choose to live your life, do you choose to feel lively in every moment the gift is here, decide to love life.

Live your life with simplicity, do the things as you feel, love sincerely go forward without looking behind you. Just keep living. Go to the adventure with yourself, with others, with life every instant count. It’s urgent to live.

One thing that I’m sure isn’t need to any argument to proof it’s truth, I take it as an absurd idea, there’s nothing can oppose life, even death. Because death is the opposite of birth not to life, life is an eternal existence and I believe in life because I see in it the glory, the eternal truth that push us in everyday to rise up with the sunlight to go and live another day. I see that life is a gift to experience it and to witness it. It’s urgent to live.

Show life your smile and it smiles in return to you, is that difficult to someone to smile in the face of the others. Smile that what we need, a universal language that all the people can understand it.

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