Side of life

Ignorant of the real side of life, not knowing that people do not think as they speak, and do not speak as they act;

Guy De Maupassant; Forgiveness

What is the real side of life? is it the good side? The side of love, happiness and kindness or the opposite side, is it the worst side? the side of suffering, misery and pain and all the negative things with all what annoy someone his/her daily life.

We dislike that people know about our real side of life, I mean our truly life situation and life. For that we don’t think as we speak, and don’t speak as we act. If I’ve a better and happy life, I don’t show it to people because they’ll envy me, and what was good and enjoyment for you will turn to the worst. In the opposite if my life is worst and sad I show to the other that I’m fine and everything is ok in my life, because if people know about my real life situation and life, they’ll humiliate me and they reject me.

This quote show me that I can’t know what the others real think, and their words don’t tell  what truly they think. As their acts, I don’t know why? But by experience I can predict why they do that, because they are afraid from the others, from jealousy and reject. Or they dislike to tell me about things because they fear that I will be better than them what makes them so afraid is just to be aware from dangerous things they like to see you sad and ignorante to fall dawn and never standing-up.

Side of life must be a mystery for the others, and a truth for us. It’s better to dare it rather than show it, our secrets are our points of force. Side of life is our secret power.

By Mehdi.

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