Bloggers Recognition Award

I recognize the kindness of ankian for nominating me Bloggers Recognition Award. I found a comment from Ankita that she nominated me a blogger recognition award. I want to think her and I wish that you continue in your creative life, don’t stop from designing you are an artist and I’ll follow the steps that you write in your post.

The Rules of the award are :

    1. Thank the blogger who has nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    2. Write a post to show your award.
    3. Briefly tell your blogging journey.
    4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
    5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award. Comment on each blog you have nominated to inform them and share the link you have created.

My journey as a blogger:

I started blogging in the last year, I was searching for a space to write and share my ideas about several subject of my daily life. My first begging was simple and I made several days to write some lines, but after mouths a simple look, observation and thoughts lead me to write many lines. I turned to share pomes of great poets I love poems and I think that they have a great affection in our spiritual life. I share some posts of other bloggers that I see in them something meaningful that we must take it, and learn from it.

What I learn from those bloggers?

  1. Life is a journey, take it.
  2. Accept the gifts of life.
  3. All the respect for life, because it’s valuable don’t waist it.
  4. Love can transform everything, believe in it
  5. A spiritual experience through the different ideas of those bloggers.
  6. Thank you for sharing your stories, they help me to understand clearly some darkest side of my life
  7. I augmente my understanding toward several ideas.
  8. The power of ideas, can be transformed to reality.
  9. Creativity is the greatest power that we’ve just it needs a pursuit don’t stop.
  10. Bloggers are artists, philosophers, poets and people need to express their feeling, emotions, desire, dreams, and needs.
  11. Creation is the essence of life. “Julius Caesar)

An advice to the new bloggers:

Don’t be afraid, what you need is express your thoughts in words, photo, design, poem, article, quote I don’t know how you want to do that but put your fear down and say I’ll do it now. No matter if someone like or not, but it’s about yourself, your choice your creative essence. What is your motive? In every time return to your first point, blogging is expressing your principles, dreams, values and philosophy.

Blogging is a philosophy of life.

All the bloggers are awesome and it was hard to make a list all of them, each one has a message to tell, an aim to achieve and a dream to realize.

List of Bloggers Recognition Award:

  1. Ankita
  2. Thoughts in Life
  3. inapoem

  4. sahiljain1137
  5. fauxcroft
  6. The darkest fairytale
  7. keys1988, My Interesting Life (>_<)
  8. thesarahdoughty, Heartstring Eulogies
  9. Rationalising The Universe
  10. Little Fears
  11. Beejai, THE RIVER WALK
  12. Ana, @ bittersweet diary
  13. HeartSphere
  14. Welcome to OrionBrightStar
  15. Logical Quotes


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