How do we learn?

Be modest enough to accept your defaults, wise to learn from them a great lesson and mature to rectify them. You aren’t obligated to do things correctly, but to learn from every mistake that you’ve done. The process of learning is a long way, it needs from you attention, patience and observance. Be present, be calm and open yourself.

What is Attention? To be aware of the holiness of the present moment of the now. Everything that you want to achieve can be done if you are present.

What is patience? To be calm let your stillness speaks. Everything can be achieved through kindness, stillness and calm. To preserve your power to the greatest task of your life, to be who you are.

What is observance? To open yourself, your mind and your heart. To be the watcher of life, let everything be the way that it wants to be. Don’t resist to anything but watch and let your intuition tells what’s the meaning of what happens to you, don’t listen to the voice who wants to divide life in two opposite just know that life is one and all what happen are just a lessons to grow up your spirit.

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