Question your Truths

we’d been educated from childhood to believe firmly and to not question what the teachers taught us in religion, even our parents demanded from us to devote our lives in worshiping God, because what has God is better than this life. They didn’t teach us to love life, to be alive to pursue our dreams but to keep the custom of our ancestors.

When the children see their parents worshiping Gods and prey they ask them about what they do? And sometimes they copy them. Parents tell their children to be afraid from Gods and his punishment. But the children ask : Who is God? And the parents respond from their beliefs he is the creator of everything and our creator, and children ask : And who create him? Does he need a creator? Why we need a creator? The parents respond by forbidden them from asking those question, they respond: We don’t question the existence of God, because isn’t an act of faith. And the children ask: What is faith? And the parents respond from their faith, their education is to copy their faith in their children, this education kills the intelligent genius that starts growing up inside those children. Those children are more intelligent than their parents because they ask questions with an innocence, but they will been derived from their nature by being a copy to their parents.

I don’t believe as my parents believe, I’ve the right to choose my own way of understanding, I offended their beliefs and the belief of society I rebelled against it, because it’s wrong and lead the one to the worst, I’ll never regret in my life the day that I decided to choose another way than their way, I respect them I live with them but I own my life, I can’t accept things even sometimes I’m wrong, but I sad to them I’m human, and that’s normal it’s always in our nature. I want to understand life by using my own understanding, I do what I think. My understanding is the sum of my short experience in life, everyone experience is independent from the others.

I like those ideas, that everyone must question his/her truths and faith. Even me I don’t believe in those illusions because they are dangerous and they can derive someone to comite  worst things. Keep asking question and use the self-criticism when your faith derives you to condemn the faith of the others. I wouldn’t trust any idea if I don’t search for it’s truth, even my faith I watch it, people think that faith is a good and innocent but when it affected by some prejudice and judgment based in emotion it will be dangerous and contribute to the destruction to the oneself. Question your faith that what you need to understand life.

The truths of my parents can’t be my truths, the truths of custom can’t be my truths and it hasn’t the right to interfere with my rights in seeking truths. Do you agree with custom who claim that it comes from the words of Gods, do you think that Gods accepte to see human beings suffer from the rules of those unfair customs. Do you agree to deprive someone his/her light to live, in their lands, all the habitants of lands own their country and they own their life and custom doesn’t own anything. It just a way of thinking and behaving to our ancestors, it’s good to conserve our history but don’t let the unfairly dead rule the living who seek their lives with the best way of thinking.


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