How Much Is Enough ?

Woman don’t deserve to be beaten by anyone, I feel so sad when I see this image for that I share it in my blog, stop threatening women they are human beings who feel and love, stop oppressing them, let them be free, let them enjoy their live they deserve love and happiness.

Blend of sentiments

She has given him her life,
She accepted the proposal of being his beloved wife.

Her dream of spending a gorgeous life with the one she love was coming true,
She was more than happy to be the part of his family’s crew.

She entered and showered all the love she accumulated for them,
She was the most loveable person in the world any one could have.

Days passes and she flourished there life with bliss,
But what she received an awful conduct which was not at all amiss.

Instead of receiving an all time dreadful response from them,
She still tried hard to lighten their heart with her love flame.

Her drunkard husband beaten her to stress out from his own problems,
All she said was “how much is enough” to spend a peaceful life in this condominium.

Photo Courtesy : Google

Contact : Blend of sentiments 

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