I Learn From Life: To Be Responsible.

We always betray our principles and plans because of fear, one day we’ll release that not the others who control us, but our fears. If you win against your fears you can live the life that you want, but you can’t find the meaning of your life if you don’t experience fear, despair and misery. One thing you must be aware of it when you make a choice, for everything good that you want in your life in the other side of the balance of life there’s another thing bad stands, as in quantum physics particles and anti-particles. What is the lesson to be learned from this suffering? To be responsible, from those circumstances and life situation, you aren’t a victim, you are an adventurer we have to choose between looking of yourself as the poor victim or as an adventurer. You’d learnt to take your life in your hand, to be responsible for your choices, the eternal return for happiness you must be able to be responsible for what you want to return in your life. Sincerely I’ve been learning all my life and I still don’t know very much.



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