I wonder to know

The basic questions of human beings, you probably ask yourself too many questions but there’re two basic questions:
What is life?
Who I am?
What is life? Its form, what constitute life? Where did life come from? The origin of life and the substance who constitute life as particles, atoms and others. Is life eternal? Is it limited by time as we are? What is eternity? What is time? What is love? What is happiness? What is freedom? What is soul? What is conscience?
Who I am? Where did I come from? Why I’m alive? What is the meaning of life? Why did I ask questions? Who created me? My origin, where can I find it? The being who I am, what is the being? Is it something about me?
I question everything, I create possibilities by those questions. Where is the answer? Where is the sign of life? How many questions I’ll ask to find what I want? What is curiosity? What is creation? What is thought? What is idea? What is story? What is desire? What is? Just I wonder to know.  It’s a desire to explore everything I see and observe in my journey, I’m a seeker a traveler a searcher for I don’t know it’s out of me. Can you explain that?

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