On Faith

A question that came to my mind one day when I read a thought I wrote it in a paper “keep the faith”, the question is: Should I keep the faith or question my faith? We’d read, educated, heard and accustomed to keep the faith believing by doing so we can achieve greatest things. Faith is the light that comes from our soul to help us to surmount the difficulties of life, faith is something highly related to tomorrow, not now. But there’re some people who said that it’s related to the now.

Faith can transform our life, but it’s always between the highest and the lowest level of the barometer of life, I don’t need to proof that you can see that in your life. Days of faith and days of lost. Where can I find faith? Who can give me faith? What is faith? Why should I have faith? Did I need faith? Questions like that are necessary before any act of faith, sometimes faith turns to be a worst thing that contribute to the destruction of the oneself, It must be watched don’t let it free to judge anyone faith is too related to our ego and when ego controls faith nothing good we hope to be happened.

Faith turns us blind, without any reference without any critical thinking. Question your faith, where did faith come from? Why I judge people who don’t have faith as I have? Why our faiths are different? Why I question my faith? Answer your questions and after that question the truth of  your answers, it’s hard to do that but it’s easy to judge the others. Not all the people  arrive to answer those questions, even me I’m seeker for answers. Where can I find them? Sometimes Everywhere in every look toward everything I observe can give me an answer.

Faith and trust, don’t have the same meaning but I like to trust, to be confident or serene for me those notions and practices work more than faith, with them I accept the world as it is, I live and I’m aware. This is the important thing for me to live nothing else and to do what I want, I’ll do it I free myself from fear I born to be alive.


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