Held Your Lessons.

Have you held back your lessons? A simple question to stop all your protests, what did you learn from life? I know you’re going to say a lot, but what I’d like to see are you applying all these lessons? … Continue reading Held Your Lessons.

fill your life

The greatest treason I commit is to betray myself, I have not understood the message of life which is that of my own nature. When we are aware of our life we can have an extreme confidence in ourselves. We will excite our … Continue reading fill your life


We are perfect with all our qualities and errors, and that what makes us special than any species we have imagination then we are free to create our life the way that we want. I want then to clear another … Continue reading Perfect

A Short Commentry in Life and Faith.

Commentary on life: Life has a lot of mysteries the problem with it that every mystery dares another one, we are seekers for answers to understand the biggest questions of human being from the ancient ages, we live in a lope of mysteries without end. I used to ask the same question too many times, and with different ways as Why there is a life? Why the life is the way it is? I read too many books to understand life, scientific ones as the Grand design, The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen W. Hawking and philosophical ones as … Continue reading A Short Commentry in Life and Faith.

The Little Things of Happiness

The little things that make us happy every moment are our heroes who save our lives. We must know that everything will have meaning, and nothing happens by chance, certainly there is a reason that keeps us alive. There is … Continue reading The Little Things of Happiness


What is existence? An infinity of destinies that are encountered in every moment of life. I am lost since the day I began to feel the world. Every morning when I go out to my work in my path I meet people … Continue reading Tears

I Learn From Life: Every breath is a gift.

 Live your life with simplicity, do things as you feel, love sincerely, move forward without looking back. Live is a duty, it’s there the gift of life, everyday is a gift not only that but as I feel it in every moment that every breathing is a gift from life. I ask myself : Each breath is a gift. In what way are you going to live it? It’s a choice to feel lively at each moment. Every breath counts be thankful for life, the light of happiness is always welcomed into the hearts by the joy of living, the … Continue reading I Learn From Life: Every breath is a gift.

I am

Honor and glory for life, and I say at a given moment I realized that it is necessary to let things go, and never to attach themselves to any person either thought or thing. One day under the sun, I thought of the only being perhaps, I did not give him much attention. This being that I am I forget him for a long time but here I am to recognize him. And I ask him forgiveness, the being who I am. I say honor and glory for life, I want to live after looking everywhere and in the others … Continue reading I am

Rights and Equality For Women.

Rights and freedom for women stop at the stigmatization of women’s rights. They suffer around the world rap, sexual harassment, sexual slave, war booty, violence and many other injustices. It is not difficult to recognize the role of women in society; they are mothers, sisters, colleagues, friends, lovers of our lives, our daughters and our wives.  When man has not been able to understand woman, he oppresses her, because of his limited thinking and his division of life we do injustices. Let women enjoy their happiness without persecution or even though it is dictated by other people. How many women suffer … Continue reading Rights and Equality For Women.


To realize his/her dreams, one must first believe oneself capable! No dream is too great, there’re too many motives that makes us believing in dreams and turn the impossible into reality. There is only one thing that can make a dream impossible, it is the fear of failure. You are unlimited, believe in you, in your dreams, nothing too far, nothing too big, continues, you have all the strengths, to realize what you desire the most in your life.   Continue reading Dreams