I Learn From Life: Every breath is a gift.

 Live your life with simplicity, do things as you feel, love sincerely, move forward without looking back. Live is a duty, it’s there the gift of life, everyday is a gift not only that but as I feel it in every moment that every breathing is a gift from life. I ask myself : Each breath is a gift. In what way are you going to live it? It’s a choice to feel lively at each moment.

Every breath counts be thankful for life, the light of happiness is always welcomed into the hearts by the joy of living, the love of life. It just want it right now by welcoming the moments that are offered to us, the little joys of life. Happiness is possible by putting life in union with our desires and our desires in union with our life, because desires are the motif that push us forward to go and explore what is life?

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