A Short Commentry in Life and Faith.

Commentary on life:

Life has a lot of mysteries the problem with it that every mystery dares another one, we are seekers for answers to understand the biggest questions of human being from the ancient ages, we live in a lope of mysteries without end.

I used to ask the same question too many times, and with different ways as Why there is a life? Why the life is the way it is? I read too many books to understand life, scientific ones as the Grand design, The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen W. Hawking and philosophical ones as the works of Camus. Camus treated this subject of our life, why do we exist? where can we find a meaning to our life? As he said: You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” May be there’re no meaning, destiny and mission, there is just life that we waist it in thinking in those mind ideas. Our life is a mind creation to what he receive from the senses, because he is connected to them all the time, the image of the world that our mind gives us is false, we don’t know even what is life? But what we’ve is just an idea of what we observe, feel, experience, and think this is life for us. As Blaise Pascal said in his Pensées: So we never live, but we hope to live.

Commentary on faith:

Hard to explain because it’s not based in scientific understanding of the dynamics of life, faith is a matter of illusion that leads anyone how behave through it in a deep ignorance of the essence of life. What is faith? Faith is an irrefutable idea in something that you can’t see, you can’t even proof its existence but you believe in it because it gives you a sort of consolidation from your anxiety, anguish and mental illness. People use it to heal their souls, by detaching them from time world, to reach the spiritual journey in the other side of eternity.

Faith can’t be proved because it’s based in delusion, it’s dangerous to have faith without any proof to the thing that you surround yourself to it. We need to seek truth and to ask our truths, if you’ve faith you must question it to see with the eyes of critical mind what is life, faith is dangerous because it’s blind and it needs raison to see what is life.

As religions are based on faith, they are the easy way to manipulate people for the interests of few zealots, as the priests and those who maintain the political power, they use religion to derive people from what is important to them, they give them a drug to maintain them in their firm hands. Let banish religion and their zealots from our life, let stat by questioning religion and its dogmas. Let see life through the eyes of raison, and desire.

Raison and desire are motifs, to go until the boundaries of the impossible, everything is possible when we stat to imagine it, keep seeking with that you give your life a meaning.


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