If you trust yourself, you need to know how to listen well.

If you trust yourself, you know that you need to look for the origin of things instead of judging them by your opinions.

If you trust yourself, you know that all what the others say isn’t the truth but just their opinions.

If you trust yourself, you never use violence against the others.

It’s through the rational mind that the creative ideas transform your life.

Ask your truth rather than trying to justify them, it is better for someone to observe, question, analyze and conclude than to justify by faith. But above all, we must always look for the definitions of the things we are dealing with instead of defending them aggressively.

Life is precious, it’s for that we must appreciate it in every single moment that life gives us to live. If I aim to do something, I work to achieve it. The greatest success are made by hard work and patience.  

Who deserve my confidence?

Myself, the highest level of freedom is when we do whatever we want, to do that we need to trust that little voice of self lives within us and share with us all what we feel, think, and live. Inner peace is to love each part of ourselves, to love our little voices that never agree, to be tender with oneself.

This is life from the inside of anyone, oneself deserve some care and love. Give and receive. Life, love, and  the tenderness here’s the origin of human nature have we forgotten. That love crosses your lives, and if set up forever.

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