When we are able to forgive we are capable of loving unconditionally everything that is. Forgiveness and love are inseparable. Forgiveness to oneself is already a big step. The other is also a being who has suffered often we speak with our sufferings, so let’s try to speak with the heart. Forgiveness is the gift that one makes of one’s right to resentment, after being the victim of an offense.

I think that forgiveness opens new doors in our life, it brings change and the transformation that we wait for, all of us have being offended by some people but that not means to replay by hate and doing bade things, revenge can’t be the solution or the best weapon to deal with some people, the best is to let go those things and focusing in our aims and what make us happy, every single moment wasted in some acts of revenge can be a moment to be happy and to appreciate your life. No matter what happen to you or what the outside obligate you to believe, all what come from the outside are just opinions and judgments of those who ignore the true essence of life.

But what come from life is always  welcome by an open heart, we accept the challenge of life and life itself as it is. We know that the wisdom of life lies in our acceptance and the deep observance to our life situation, we can understand that life is dynamic and we must go with it, by surrendering ourselves to it. Life is a beautiful eternal journey that we seek through it who we are?

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