Live with your smile

They ask me why do you smile? You must look at life with an obscur eyes, there’re nothing good in it, and I say: Smile is the most beautiful thing that you can give to someone and to life. Because I’ve nothing against life, I accept it as it is  and I live with harmony with myself. Even the hardest moments come, it is with an open heart and peaceful mind I observe my situation and I seek to understand the wisdom of life.

What happen to me was a step to understand why do I live? I’m not afraid, even if fear comes I’ll never give up but I smile to it and I trust life and its wisdom, because life creates me, I come from it and I return to it.

Some people said that life is unfair, hard and obscur, they live half, looking at the positive and negative, optimism and pessimism, good and bad they divide life but life is diverse not divided if you take life as one entity without any division, to be aware that things are resemble as happiness and sadness, but smile saves us keep smiling at the contradiction of our being.


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