Don’t Be frightened

We are confused because we always want to understand all the things around us, and to control everything. This attempt to control all the things that happen to us and even those that have not even to happen.

Why can’t someone accept that not knowing where he/she goes, is just a beautiful and wonderful journey in this mysterious universe? Just relax and let life be.

We don’t need to know everything, but we need to be enlightened by the light of nature that rises up and clears to us those unknown answers about ourselves and the universe where our lives run themselves.

There’re a lot of things that we don’t know their answers, we always seek their answers and to understand them, we use to think that having the answers can give us some consolidation, but what should we do if we don’t have answers to everything? I used to seek answers, until a man had changed my point of view by his ideas. Then who makes me aware about that? He is Richard Feynman the famous physicist of all the ages, I learnt from him that being lost is the most amazing feeling and life that someone experiences in his/her life, just let life be and live your life, all the mysteries hide mysteries and that goes to infinite.

Finally That not means to do never study things, let this lost be joyful through those studies that you are doing, This is the motif to go and understand what is life? And why we are here?


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